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10 Most Asked Auto Accident Questions


1. Can I Handle My Case On My Own?


2. What Do I Do After The Car Accident?


3. How Do I Deal With The Auto Insurance Adjuster?


4. What If The Auto Insurance Adjuster Gives Me A Low Ball Offer?


5. Can I Use My Health Insurance In My Auto Accident Case?


6. Will I Have To Repay My Health Insurance Provider?


7. Should I Hire An Attorney Who "Specializes" In Car Accidents?


8. How Do I Pay For A Car Accident Attorney?


9. How Do I Choose A Doctor To Treat Me After My Car Accident?


10. Do I Have To Give The Other Guy's Insurance Company A Recorded Statement?




The Maryland Bar will not allow us to argue that we are the best attorneys in Maryland, but what we can say is that it is our focus at Boston Law Group, LLC to provide our clients with as much helpful information that we can to allow them to make the best decision for their case.

We have designed our website in such a way as to give you an opportunity to read up on your matter. What you will not find on our site is the boring "me me me" stuff you find on other websites. As a matter of fact, you will see very little attorney "cheerleading" material here. This site is dedicated to giving you, the reader, the most knowledge possible regarding your case. Knowledge is power to those who intend to actually use it.

What happens if I have lost wages because of my accident? How do I find the best injury attorney for my case? What is one of the things I need to know first before I file a medical malpractice claim in Maryland? How do I know if I even need an attorney?

These types of questions and much more can be found in articles located in our library.

If you have been injured at the hands of another person do not sign anything from an insurance company or hire any attorney until you have had a chance to read through our important articles. Also, if you are a woman, feel free to contact us regarding any domestic relations issues you may need assistance.  Please click the links on our site relevant to your case:

*       Premises Liability (people hurt on the property of another person)
*       Serious Car Collision Injuries
*       Medical Malpractice
*       Women's Domestic Relations Issues

Feel free to use "key words" in the search bar above to find more helpful information regarding your injury, or whatever issue we may be of assitance.


 Remember Your Third Grade Teacher Asking, "Did You Do Your Homework?"


Although you are no longer in 3rd grade, this question can still be asked of you. In a time where information is everywhere regarding attorneys, how do you know who is right for you? Is it good enough to just listen to the guy on TV who spoke to you during a commercial while you were listening to the morning weather report getting ready to take the kids to school? Or what about the guy your neighbor told you about who got him "quick cash" on his case and all he had to do was just wait on the check?


The fact of the matter is that you still have to "do your homework" when choosing the right attorney for your case. In many instances, these cases can last a long time. This means that the attorney you signed up with way back at the start of your case is the same person who will probably end the case with you, whenever that is.


Here are 3 tips you can use when trying to find the best attorney for your case


1. How much helpful information does the attorney have available for you to review...and we mean more than just a "free consultation?" As of right now you are reading information which can be used to help you make the best decision for your case. Not only is the information right here on the web for you to review, you can refer back to it (and information on this site's other pages) at your own convenience. Does the attorney you are thinking about hiring have other information which will allow you to, "do your homework?"


2. Who will be handling my case? This is a very important question because some people are not ok with a paralegal or legal secretary doing all the work on their case. To them, when they sign a contract with an attorney, they want the attorney to be the one who handles their matter. Other people are fine with a legal secretary handling their case. The question for you is what do you prefer? The answer to this question will allow you to, "do your homework" regarding whether you should hire law firm X


3. What type of personality does the attorney display? This is an often overlooked tip. Look at it this way...we have already stated above that injury cases, and even domestic relations cases, can last a while. Do you want to be in a "long-term" relationship with someone who you clash with? For example, are you the type of person who likes to be on time with everything, or the type of person who needs their "hand held" along the process? If you are and your attorney does not work well with these types of people are you settling yourself up for a "strained" relationship? Again, knowing the answer to this question will allow you to, "do your homework." 


Do I Have A Maryland Malpractice Case? 


If you  or a loved one have been the victin of malpractice we know you have many questions as to what should you do first. During a trying time like this, helpful information is very hard to come by. As a result, we made a very short video for you so you can have a better idea as to this process and what needs to happen first!






An Important Tip If You Are Dealing With An Insurance Company Without An Attorney


Insurance companies like to prey on the fact that most people who are injured in an auto collision do not know too much about the claims process. As a result, the adjuster in many instances will make it sound as if you must comply with the adjuster's every demand. For example, many adjusters will send you medical release authorization forms and strongly suggest that you give them a recorded statement. Because many people do not know the law in this area, they feel pressured into complying.


Well the truth of the matter is that if you are injured in an accident and are making a claim against the person's insurance company who caused your injuries, you do not have to sign any medical authorization forms or agree to give a recorded statement "pre-suit." Even though this is the case, because of unfamiliarity of the law, many people comply with the adjuster's request. Next thing you know the other guy's insurance company is fishing into your medical history, and possibly into information that is irrelevant to your current case. Also, because of your agreement to a recorded statement, the adjuster has nailed down your testimony as to how the accident happened and will be able to use this statement against you in the future if your statement changes.


If you are faced with this situation, and you are not sure what you should do, contact your legal professional at once for more information.


Your're Joking Right...How Can My Facebook Page Be Used In Court?

No, we really are not joking. More and more people around the country are watching their Facebook, and other social media information, be used against them in court. The best way to understand how this is done is through an example. Read more here about this controversial topic.


Are There Some Common Injury Words I Should Know?

If you are attempting to represent yourself in your own injury case there are some words you need to make sure that you are familiar with. If you have already started to deal with an insurance adjuster the adjuster is probably already using words in which you may not really understand. If this is the case, do not get discouraged. You must remember that these adjusters do this type of work for a living and have a huge head start. This is why most people hire an attorney...so they will not have to deal with some of these things.


But regardless, we have created a list of a few words which are used a lot in Maryland injury cases. Please remember that the list we have created is not exhaustive. What we mean is that there are many many other key injury words used along the way in this process. This list can be used to give you a starting point in your journey.  Click Here For The List!


Tips If You Are In An Auto Accident


Many times, people look for information regarding an auto collision after they have been in one. The purpose of this article is to give you a few pointers regarding things you should know before an accident. It is our hope that you never have to use any of this information, but the reality is that you never know. As of 2005, the USDOT reported over 2.5 million non-fatal auto collisions in the US alone. Below are a few tips which may prove helpful:


Have a crash kit ready


 What we mean by this is that you need to know where your important information is located. This includes not only your driver’s license but also information regarding your insurance policy. CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE


One Way To Prove Your Maryland Auto Accident Case



A couple of days ago Maryland’s highest court, the Court of Appeals decided a case which dealt with how much proof is needed to go forward in an auto accident case. For the non-lawyer some of the terms used in the case, which is linked below, can be hard to pronounce and quite frankly hard to understand.


With that said, the purpose of this article is to give you a better understanding of what you must prove going forward in your auto accident case, without the many of the big words. If you are trying to handle your own injury case, this article can be a big help for you. CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THIS ARTICLE.